About Us

About Us

Client and Community Partners

At ACT Engineers, Inc. we define ourselves as a large partnership – between our internal team members, their clients and any stakeholders. Our achievements are a result of our devotion to our clients and the reciprocal devotion our clients’ have to ACT Engineers, Inc. – with more than 93% of ACT’s project work being from repeat clientele. We operate under the idea that our accomplishments and continued growth are intrinsically linked to the accomplishments and growth of our clients. Always collaborative and always communicative, ACT is constantly working with clients to chart a well-defined path to success.

Constantly reinventing and reimagining the art of engineering, ACT utilizes only the leading hardware and software in the industry; a practice that has a proven track record of meeting and exceeding industry and quality assurance standards for every project and client.

ACT is also actively involved with the communities they serve – specifically the up-and-coming engineers of tomorrow. We contribute our engineering expertise and time to bring real-life civil and coastal engineering projects to area schools and colleges. In Ocean City, ACT is working with high school students in the operation of a shellfish incubator to teach them about marine life, the shore environment, and ways to protect beach communities from coastal storms. ACT Engineers also participates in Career Days and hosts Field Tours for middle, high school and college students in the region.

ACT Engineers is a New Jersey Small Business Development Centers Registered Sustainable Business, committed to enhancing the environment and implementing environmental best practices, both within and outside the company.

Our Approach


  • We do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons.
  • We strive to always meet and exceed industry and standards.


  • We apply solutions, across the board, not limiting ourselves by the “given” parameters.
  • We ask “Why”.
  • We explore every possible solution to address challenges.


  • We continually look to stay ahead of the curve by implementing the leading hardware and software in our industry.
  • We are all proud of our innovative use of available technology and practices.


  • Our company represents 30+ years of experience in every area of expertise.
  • We’ve seen a lot and we’ve done a lot. We are proud of our junior-level associates, who bring a great energy and fresh perspective to our projects.
  • We believe in mentoring and supporting area Vo-Tech schools and colleges.


  • We create partnerships with clients through the implementation  of our projects.
  • We connect and support every link of the chain, internally and externally.
  • Always collaborative and communicative, we work together towards the common goals.


  • From day-one, we support our clients’ goal-setting and remain aware of what can and should be done with the available resources.
  • We ensure that our clients’ investment is money well spent.
  • We keep the end-goal at the forefront at every stage of the project.
  • We go out of our way to chart a well-defined path and ensure that the path to success is clear.