ACT Engineers, Inc. and Stafford Township welcomed a large crowd to its recent Lagoon Study Workshop on July 20

ACT Engineers, Inc. and Stafford Township welcomed a large crowd to its recent Lagoon Study Workshop on July 20

Robbinsville & Marmora, NJ & Richboro, PA – July 28, 2021 Over 300 Stafford Township residents attended a Lagoon Study Workshop hosted by ACT Engineers, Inc. and Stafford Township’s Mayor Myhre and Township Council on July 20.

The workshop reviewed the lagoon study and permitting that the Township has been working on regarding the Beach Haven West lagoons. ACT Engineers, Inc. discussed the bathymetric survey done in June and July of 2020; showing the depths of the entire lagoon. The ACT Engineers, Inc. team also presented the maintenance permit application process which will be approved within the next nine to twelve months. As a result, dredging can start to be conducted after the permit application is approved.

“The Township has taken the first step in identifying the quantity and quality of sediment present within its waterways,” said ACT Engineers, Inc.’s Vice President Eric Rosina. “This is the first step to building partnerships and identifying beneficial reuse options.”

Stafford Township Council is pursuing potential partnerships and grant opportunities to reduce project costs to residents. Workshop attendees provided excellent feedback on the progress ACT Engineers, Inc. and the township council have done up to this point.

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Stafford Township’s July 20 Lagoon Study Workshop


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