ACT Engineers, Inc. Launches Robust New Website

ACT Engineers, Inc. Launches Robust New Website

January 20, 2022 – ACT Engineers, Inc., has unveiled a brand new robust website at – featuring state-of-the-art website technology and programming to showcase the civil engineering firm’s expertise.

The new website showcases the firm’s services, projects, and the markets it serves in a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate way. There is an abundance of images as well, so visitors can get an insider’s vantage point of the team’s boots-on-the-ground approach and the remarkable work the company does in the field of civil engineering.

“We are proud to showcase the amazing success stories we have managed for our clients over the past three decades; they are milestones in our history and theirs – and they tell the story of ACT Engineers, Inc.,” explained Vice President Eric Rosina. “Our online portfolio illustrates some of the projects that have changed the landscape for the better for dozens of state, county, municipal, institutional, public and private clients; and how we have developed and applied the latest technology in our fields of expertise.”

ACT Engineers, Inc. is comprised of a multi-faceted, interdisciplinary team of professional talents providing services, including civil engineering, coastal and environmental services, surveying, public involvement, landscape architecture and construction administration.

Driven and defined by 30 years of devotion to the success of their clients, ACT Engineers, Inc., with offices in Robbinsville and Marmora, NJ and Richboro, PA, continues to change the landscape of civil engineering, coastal and environmental services, surveying, public involvement, landscape architecture and construction administration in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and beyond.

Always collaborative and always communicative, ACT Engineers, Inc. is constantly working with their clients to chart a well-defined path to success. ACT Engineers, Inc. thinks of their clients as partners and makes it a point to consider their best interests in achieving the objectives and elements of a given project. ACT is equally successful in private and public sector works and is honored to work on so many vital projects.

The ACT Engineers, Inc. team defines themselves as a large partnership – between their internal team members, their clients, and any stakeholders. Their achievements are a result of their devotion to their clients and their clients’ devotion to ACT Engineers, Inc. – with more than 93% of ACT Engineers, Inc. project work being from repeat clientele. ACT Engineers, Inc. operates under the idea that their accomplishments and continued growth are intrinsically linked to the accomplishments and growth of their clients.

Constantly reinventing and reimagining the art of engineering, ACT Engineers, Inc. utilizes only the leading hardware and software in the industry; a practice that has a proven track record of meeting and exceeding industry and quality assurance standards for every project and client.

For more information about ACT Engineers, visit or call 609-918-0200.