Coastal Services
Our coastal communities and waterfront property owners are confronted with an array of adverse challenges regarding sustainable design and permitting. In the face of rising sea levels, these complex challenges have the potential to increasingly impact economies, commercial and recreational lifestyles and natural environments. Our Coastal Services Team, led by Eric Rosina / Vice-President, is committed to developing practical and forward-thinking solutions to help guide our clients through the regulatory process, striking a balance between the protection and preservation of our unique coastal resources. The ACT Coastal Services Team is focused on delivering strategies to reinforce our client’s ability to prepare, obtain regulatory approvals, withstand, recover and adapt to long-term changes. Together, we can create resilient communities for future generations to enjoy.
A few representative Coastal Services projects
  • Beach Creek Marina
  • Atlantic City Multibeam Hydrographic Survey
  • Flood Mitigation and Drainage Management Plan
  • Coastal and Waterfront Permitting
  • Shooting Island Shoreline Restoration
  • Ocean City Comprehensive Back Bay Adaptive Management Plan
  • Brick Township Flood Mitigation Concept Engineering