Ocean City Dredging Program

ACT Engineers has partnered with Anchor QEA to develop a dredging plan to maintain the waterway, lagoons and harbors in the bay area of Ocean City. The project team completed a city wide aerial survey combined with bathymetric survey of the marine traffic areas including private slip areas and navigable routes.  The team reviewed historic data and existing permits, and has met with City staff, and State and Federal regulators to implement near term and future dredging programs. Limited disposal/storage capacity for dredge material within the City necessitated the transition to a materials management operation. ACT will manage the removal of material from the current CDF areas for transport to Wildwood, NJ. A temporary haul road will be designed and constructed to allow for material removal from the existing CDF.


ACT is currently working to assure future dredging programs through permit renewal. This permitting effort will include quantifying dredge material volumes during the duration of the permit.  ACT Engineers has met with city officials, residents, visitors, business owners, stakeholders and regulatory agencies to keep the public well informed. Public information sessions, stakeholder meetings, website news blasts and information hotlines were utilized to update the public.


Project Features

  • Public Outreach/ Construction Administration and Inspection
  • Master Plan Development
  • Topographic Surveying
  • Bathymetric Surveying
  • NJDEP Permitting
  • USACE Permitting
  • Grant Coordination


Our Hydrone in action. 

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ACT's Role

Program Development • Field Investigation • CDF Management • Bathymetric Survey • Topographic Survey • Haul Design • Environmental Agencies Permitting • NJDEP Permitting • ACOE Permitting • Public Outreach


Ocean City, New Jersey