Nick Brown, PhD

Director of Coastal Geology and Resiliency

Nick Brown, PhD holds a Bachelor of Science in Geology from Grand Valley State University and a PhD in Geosciences from Florida Atlantic University.

Dr. Brown is responsible for coastal geology field study design and analysis, resiliency project identification and development, field oversight and support, developing partnerships on the local, state and federal level, and advocating for resilience-minded coastal policy and integrating changes into projects.

Dr. Brown has extensive experience working in coastal settings collecting and processing elevation and sediment data. He has published multiple peer-reviewed papers examining coastal processes. His research experience consists of analyzing landscape evolution in coastal systems, identifying controls on sediment transport patterns, monitoring beach response and recovery following storms, and exploring the role of the physical environment on coastal ecosystems.

As an advocate for resilience-minded coastal legislation, Dr. Brown works with many non-profit organizations to promote heathy coastal systems and communities. He also volunteers his time to technical committees for the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA) and New Jersey Coastal Resilience Collaborative; and frequently assists in organizing both the ASBPA’s National Coastal Conference and Summit’s where he serves as the awards chair.