Arney’s Mount West Trail

Project Description

The Arney’s Mount West Trail System is designed to highlight the agricultural history of this rural area of Burlington County. The project includes a 2.5 mile 10 foot wide asphalt shared-use loop path. Other features of this project include a horse loop trail, secondary woods trails and a trailhead parking area. The trailhead parking area includes a picnic pavilion, information kiosk and equestrian amenities. These trails will eventually be connected to a regional trail network. The proposed shared-use path is being designed to meet AASHTO standards and will be handicap accessible. Trailhead signage, park identification signage, as well as interpretive signage and trail route identification are included in the project.

ACT’s survey team used a combination of GPS and conventional surveying to “tie together” all of the County’s individual parcels into one contiguous, comprehensive base map along the proposed trail alignment. Rights of way and parcels not previously surveyed were researched and surveyed by ACT for use by the design team in planning the trail location. ACT also performed topographic surveying along the trail route.

Project Features

  • Large-Scale Boundary Surveying
  • Right of Way Surveying
  • Pedestrian Bridge
  • AASHO Shared Use Path
  • Trailhead Parking
  • Phased Development
  • Stormwater Management
  • Hydrologic Analysis
  • Equestrian Trail

ACT's Role

Topographic Survey • Wetland Mapping • Conceptual Design • Site Planning • Trail Layout & Design • Storm Drainage Design • Signage Design • Permitting • Flood Hazard Area Wetlands Soil Erosion Control • Bid Document Preparation • Permit Compliance


Project Photos

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