Baxter Basin Hydrographic Survey

Project Description

ACT was responsible for the hydrographic field survey and the preparation of mapping and volume computations in support of permit plans and dredging operations for the maintenance of the Philadelphia Water Department’s Baxter Water Treatment Plant Raw Water Intake Basin along the Delaware River. A combination of robotic and conventional surveying, Global Positioning equipment and a dual frequency fathometer were utilized for control and navigation along pre-determined cross section lines to obtain the requisite depths at the same locations each time a field survey was made. Utilizing the electronic data files, mapping was prepared including the generation of surfaces, contours, cross sectional data and volume computations 

Project Features

  • 23 Acre Raw Water Intake La-goon for Water Treatment Plant
  • Sediment Thickness Measure-ment
  • GPS, Robotic Positioning
  • Dual Frequency

ACT's Role

Hydrographic Survey • Dredge Volumes and Mapping


City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Project Photos

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