Biles Island Master Plan Development

Project Description

Falls Township engaged ACT Engineers, to prepare a Master Plan for Biles Island. The Island, which consists of approximately 525 acres along the Delaware River, is currently owned and operated as a Mining Site by Waste Management and as a Confined Dredge Material Storage Facility (CDF) by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The site is immediately south of Trenton, NJ & Morrisville, PA which is the northern extent of channel dredging operations for the Delaware River from the Atlantic Ocean. In conjunction with the Township, ACT Engineers is coordinating with federal, state agencies and private industry to develop the Master Plan to provide Public Access to the Riverfront.

Project Features

  • Pedestrian Trails
  • Nature Center
  • Habitat/Ecologic Restoration Areas
  • Marina
  • Confined Dredge Facility (CDF)
  • Access Roads
  • Active Recreation Areas
  • Development Areas
  • Camping Areas
  • Swimming, Boating

ACT's Role

Site Analysis • Community Outreach • Land Use Planning & Design for entire Island • Master Plan • Agency Coordination


Falls Township, Pennsylvania


Project Photos

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