Industrial Wastewater Pond Survey

Project Description

A 6-acre impoundment is utilized to trap industrial process waste water.  The owner had need of identifying the available sediment capacity in the pond.  ACT Engineers performed a topographic survey from the water line to the top of the pond embankment using GPS survey methods. Bathymetric cross sections  were completed at 25’ intervals (grid) utilizing a hydrone fitted with depth sounding equipment and a GPS receiver. Topography and bathymetry were merged to provide mapping showing contours at a 1-foot interval with additional spot elevations depicting the pond bottom and embankment.

Site specific health & safety training was required due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide in the pond sediments.

Project Features

  • 6-Acre Pond
  • 25’ grid Bathymetric Survey
  • Environmental Health & Safety Training
  • Hazardous Environmental Setting
  • Use of Hydrone to limit human exposure to the work area

ACT's Role

Topographic Surveying • Bathymetric Surveying


Berkeley Heights, New Jersey


Project Photos

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