Joint Base MDL Traffic Study

Project Description

Formal and informal vehicle parking areas had been developed or evolved to support staffing of office, laboratory, hangar, and warehouse buildings on the Lakehurst area of JB MDL. Concern for worker safety while walking from parking areas to buildings and among buildings was of concern. Also, recent regulation changes to address homeland security required an increase in the separation distance between parking fields and buildings.

ACT conducted a study to determine available parking capacity and location based on existing parking fields’ utilization.  A multi day field evaluation including statistical observations of vehicle and pedestrian circulation patterns and interviews of parking patrons was conducted. Based on the field results, a conceptual site plan was prepared which addressed alternative parking field configurations, roadway alignments, pedestrian paths, and bus loading/unloading facilities. The alternatives considered construction cost, property utilization, expandability, vehicle/pedestrian separation. The conceptual design included site lighting and landscaping.  Soil test pit excavation, soil evaluation, ground water elevation, and soil permeability testing were observed or conducted in support of stormwater management BMP design.

Project Features

  • 75 Acre Study Area
  • 9 Parking Lots, 13 Buildings
  • On-site Vehicle Parking Inventory
  • On-site Pedestrian Circulation Inventory
  • On-site Van Pool and School Bus Route Monitoring
  • 1,000 Space Parking Lot Utilization Analysis
  • DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings UFC 4-010-01
  • DoD POV Site Circulation and Parking UFC 3-210-02
  • DoD General Provisions and Geometric Design for Roads, Streets, Walks, and Open Storage Areas UFC 3-250-18FA
  • DoD Landscape Architecture UFC 3-201-02

ACT's Role

Topographic and Utility Surveying • Parking and Pedestrian Inventory Methodology • Parking and Pedestrian Field Observations • Data Analysis • Military Standards Review and Application • Site Engineering • Lighting and Landscape Design • Soils Testing and Ground Water Observations


Lakehurst Area JBMDL Ocean County, New Jersey


Project Photos

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