PSE&G Estuary Enhancement Program Environmental Permitting and Monitoring

Project Description

ACT Engineers and Delmarva Aquatic and Wetland Services, LLC key personnel, under former employment, provided environmental permitting and monitoring services for PSEG’s Estuary Enhancement Program (EEP). As Lead Permitting and Biological Monitoring Engineers, services provided included oversight of all regulatory and permitting issues for the EEP. The EEP was created as a result of NJPDES special conditions requiring the restoration/enhancement of over 20,000 acres of tidal wetlands; installation of numerous fish ladders; modifications to the generating station cooling water intake system; and wetlands restoration via Phragmites Australis eradication and control and restoration of tidal flow. Responsibilities included regulatory applicability assessment; permit application preparation; management of over 200 NJDEP, USACE, DRBA, and local applications and permits; preparation of mitigation proposals; threatened and endangered species assessments; oversight of a bay-wide biological finfish monitoring program, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for property acquisition; oversight and quality control/assurance review of Master Contractors and other consultants; and assistance/guidance in wetland restoration design strategies and implementation.

ACT's Role

Environmental Impact Assessment • Wetlands Delineation, Permitting and Mitigation • Wetland restoration design, implementation and oversight • Monitoring and preparation and submittal of annual reports • Permit condition compliance • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments • QA/QC of Master Contractors


Project Photos

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