Trenton 250 Master Plan

Project Description

ACT Engineers assisted in the development of the Trenton 250 Master Plan.  As Trenton approaches its 250th Anniversary, the geographic and environmental advantages that made it an important colonial settlement have been obscured by development as a Capital City as well as the industrialization and decline of the community and surrounding region.  The City sought to prepare a comprehensive plan providing a long-range vision for the built environment. The first phase of the project was to prepare the Visioning Element. As part of the plan, ACT developed a list of the City’s environmental and open space issues and opportunities in relation to the Visioning element. ACT Engineers worked closely with the team leader, Group Melvin and the City of Trenton to prepare Phase two, which entailed writing “Elements” of the Master Plan which focused on Economic Development, Land use, Circulation, Housing, Environment and Education.

ACT Engineers also worked with stakeholder, residents and team members to develop Primary Goals and Strategies for use by City to focus departmental work plans and funding priorities.  ACT reviewed environmental documents and compiled GIS data for analysis and planning. ACT Engineers also worked with team members to develop early schematic conceptual plans for environmental and open space improvements to the City.

Project Features

  • Public Meetings
  • Stakeholder Meetings
  • Data Analysis
  • Project Design Development Charrettes
  • Master Planning
  • Integration with City Departments

ACT's Role

Public Outreach • Environmental Planning


Project Photos

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